(Deposit) Protection

Is my investment covered by a deposit protection fund?

Our customers' deposits are protected by the Luxembourg Deposit Protection Fund FGDL (Fonds de garantie des Dépots Luxembourg). This offers 100% protection for customer deposits up to an amount of €100,000 per person. Further information can be found on the website for the Deposit Protection Fund at www.fgdl.lu.

Is account management at Advanzia Bank secure?

The reference account system used for your Advanzia account guarantees that your deposits are protected against embezzlement. Identification using your password (online and by telephone) together with your reference account information guarantees that no withdrawals can be made to unauthorised third parties.

The information you enter on our website is encrypted and thus protected from unauthorised access. The https:// prefix before the website address and the closed padlock at the bottom of the screen indicate that your information is being transmitted securely.


*) Please note our price list

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