Account management

Please note that transactions are only permitted between your Advanzia account and your bank accounts within the EU/EFTA. We are unable to accept or execute transactions originating in other countries.

The Advanzia account is managed using a reference account system. Deposits to your saving account can only be made from an account held in the name of the Advanzia account holder. When you make a deposit to your saving account, your originator account will automatically be saved as a reference account in our system.

Please find the bank details in the welcome letter and in your monthly statements.

According to the reference account system, withdrawals can only be made from your Advanzia account to customer accounts that have already been registered with us as a reference account.

If you want to make a withdrawal from your saving account, please click here.

For information about security for your Advanzia account, please click here.

*) Please note our price list

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